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Daily Food in Singapore

This economic canteen located in Science Park and mostly visited by workers in offices around Science Park during lunch, includes me.
With reasonable price, this canteen successfuly draw people to dine here. From all those stalls, I'm fall for this chinese food for it's been quite a long time I didn't have chinese food.
Chicken noodle for S$3 (=IDR18,000=US$1.8)
Fish meatball for S$3 (=IDR18,000=US$1.8)
Crispy fried dimsum for S$3 (=IDR18,000=US$1.8)
Last but not least, sambal a.k.a chilli

Wang Cafe is set up like the many sprawling simple Chinese-concept coffee joints, this is a common place for people to have a quick break or stop-over. I found the hot tea here is pretty good and at about $2 this makes an ideal place for a quick snack and coffee.

(le-ri) hot choco milk (Milo), hot tea (taste like Malay teh tarik)

Toast with sarikaya jam completes the duet.



 How nice to meet Indonesia friends in Singapore. (le-ri) Sophia, Dina, Rina, Ivan, Albert, and Ong Andi.
Sophia writes awesome web about traveling http://wisataseru.com/  Check it out!

 Ong is my senior in high school, he's incredibly smart and works in Singapore. Thanks for taking me around! Best luck!
 Me & Ms.Sophia. Looking forward to meet you again & wish we can traveling togther in near future. *cross fingers*

And I make my way to look around New Asia. Located at the top of Swissotel, New Asia Bar is probably the one bar that gives a splendid view of Singapore as I shoot them below.


Singapore in Christmas

 Well, it's almost Christmas, people! And Singapore has been preparing herself nicely for this special event.
One of the latest architectural spot is Marina Bay Sand (MBS), where luxury hotel, casino, shopping mall are nicely ensembled.

MBS Shopping mall has the best, premium, and fine brands in town, which you never go wrong with them! Not to mention that money talks very loud here. Casino is just below your feet, directly connected with the shopping mall.

 Just in ION Orchard Rd, a giant pretty Xmas tree stood there.
And inside the Xmas tree, you will find out that this isn't just a Xmas tree. Bling bling!
Actually, this phase has been written by JIE, my friend in his awesome blog http://www.inijie.com/2010/11/22/yummy-1-dollar-ice-cream-at-orchard-road/
And this $1 ice cream is truly delicate. You should give it a try when you are around Orchard Rd.

 Me & friends visited the best-ramen restaurant in town. Located in Mandarin Gallery, Orchard makes Ippudo overwhelmingly visited. Oftenly it doesn't fit all guests that guests share table with others. http://www.ippudo.com.sg/

 Ramen cost around S$17-21(IDR100-126K=US$10-12.6), and definetely worth the quality.

 Share table.

 Pork ramen. The bacon smoothly melt with the noodle. I give this perfect 10, the same score for Ramen 38 at Blok M, South Jakarta, Indonesia. (I'll write about that soooon!)


Here & there, Makati, Philippines

Various Filipino desserts, and all of those taste sweet!
Me & the Nutcracker...
One of authentic Filipino designer..Superb!
Fancy restaurant around Greenbelt
There are Greenbelt no. 1,2,3,4,and 5
One fact about shopping mall in Philippines, they always have chapel in shopping mall. Why? My Filipino friend, Maria Celina told me that it is because every chapel in Philippines is over-loaded & can't fit too much people, so that chapels are everywhere, includes shopping mall as well.

And day...
I took pics in the same spot in day & night.
Last day in Philippines is quite rainy and left the air cool for a while.

Greenbelt, maybe it's named after "Green" that comes from green trees & bushes around this area. And "Belt" because this district shapes a circle, just like belt. Well, if you know more, pls advice. =D
Greenies here, greenies there
One of street cafe that I visit.

I had Banango (Banana Mango Juice) and Choco Mousse for PHP 270(IDR 60K=US$6).
Till we meet again, Philippines!